DuckDuckgo Vs Google

DuckDuckgo Vs Google – Which Is The Best Search Engine?

| August 20, 2021 | SEO

What is the most popular search engine on the planet? Obviously, the answer is Google, right? Unless you have not been a caveman for the last 20-30 years, you should be aware of Google. But how would you feel if someone continuously monitors your every movement? Precisely, this “Somone” is no one else but Google!

However, a popular alternative to Google in the market is Duckduckgo. I am sure those who are here today have heard about it and suspending in the DuckDuckgo Vs Google loop. In this post, we are going to compare these two competitors and determine which one better suits you. 

DuckDuckgo Vs Google… The Battle Begins

DuckDuckgo Vs Google… The Battle Begins

The search engine giant Google does track digital footprints every single second, which is an apprehending matter. Although the substitute DuckDuckGo is preferred by many, people are still in utter confusion.

So, my dearest readers, go through this DuckDuckgo Vs Google to know which one should you use in 2021. 

1. Google


There is not much to say about Google because the name says it all. Our world starts with Google and stops at Google. Who is your companion when you need a piece of urgent information? It’s Google. Where can you search for movies, songs, games, locations, or whatever comes to your mind? It’s again Google. And who extracts results for your unique query from billions and trillions of web pages? None other than Google!

So I hope you understand what level of competitive edge Google enjoys. However, it still has some demerits which are becoming relatively heavier amongst its users. Wanna check out those? Let’s Go!

Advantages Of Google

  • Free to use and superfast speed
  • Users do not require programming skills
  •  Massive brand identity
  • With the vastest search index and most intelligent algorithms, its tools are unmatchable.
  • It enjoys monopolistic competition in the market. 

Demerits Of Google

  • It tracks, stores, and often misuses your personal information and search footprints. 
  • It does not provide correct results always, especially the features snippets often show auto-generated data. 
  • The user interface has become pretty weird due to an endless number of paid ads. 



DuckDuckGo search engine is based on searchers’ privacy and data safety since its inception in  2008. When it comes to personal information security, It is one of the most notable competitors of Google. Obviously, there is a crisis at Google, and this is the point where DuckDuckgo is taking the market.

Have you started becoming excited about shifting from Google to DuckDuckGo right now? Then, take a pause because the DuckDuckgo Vs Google battle is not over yet. First, check out the pros and cons of DuckDuckGo below.  

Merits Of DuckDuckGo 

  • It does not track your digital activities.
  • The results arrive in a clear format, free from piles of ads.
  • Its customer support is awe-inspiring.
  • Protects your information and online activities from unauthorized access. 
  • It is increasingly becoming the formidable rival of Google day by day.

Demerits Of DuckDuckGo

  • DuckDuckGo also shows advertisements, but lesser than Google. 
  • It does not offer you any form of protection from malware, ransomware, and other disastrous viruses.
  • Very little market share
  • Lastly, DuckDuckGo’s brand awareness is nowhere near Google’s. 

Which One Is Better? DuckDuckgo Vs Google

Which One Is Better DuckDuckgo Vs Google

Let’s be honest, have you ever thought about whether there is another world beyond Google? Indeed there is, and in this section of the DuckDuckgo Vs Google guide, I will be explaining it to you. Here are some top reasons why you should choose DuckDuckgo over Google:

1. DuckDuckGo Does Not Track Your Activities

Google unparliamentary extracts your personal information, which is really an Irony of using the “Search Engine God.” Its incognito mode is also a “Sarcasm” in disguise. DuckDuckGo, on the contrary, is very clear about its privacy policy and never stores your digital trails.

So a “Yay” for DuckDuckgo in Google vs DuckDuckGo war. 

2. DuDuckDuckGo Restricts Web Trackers From Intruding Into Your Online Activities 

If you want Google to stop web-crawlers from getting unauthorized access to your information, that will be a joke. But if you want DuckDuckgo to do the same for you – now that’s a “Reality.” To protect yourself from Web trackers, we strongly recommend you using DuckDuckGo as it blocks the actions of these crawlers.  

Thumbs up for DuckDuckGo… Google vs DuckDuckGo is getting harder. 

3. DuckDuckGo Has Pretty Effective Customer Support 

A thumbs down for Google’s customer support! – it’s becoming worse than ever. Oppositely, DuckDuckGo’s customer support team is available on email and social media. Surprisingly, they respond to user’s issues and solve every problem.

Greenlight for DuckDuckGo in DuckDuckgo Vs Google warfare.

4. Bang! Your Dream Of Ad-Free Results Is A Reality Now

Nowadays, paid content has occupied Google’s search results. Are you a mobile searcher? Then you must know how irritating this is? Nevertheless, DuckDuckGo’s uncomplicated user interface has been attracting many rigid Google users over the past few years.   

DuckDuckgo Vs Google – A big Yes for DuckDuckGo.  

Who Wins The DuckDuckgo Vs Google Battle?

Who Wins The DuckDuckgo Vs Google Battle

Did you know many users around the world have stopped using Google due to privacy issues and biases? This is a concerning matter if you are still using Google. So it’s high time you also start thinking about data safety and choose DuckDuckGo as an incredible alternative to Google. I am sure it won’t let you down. 

A lot can be inferred from this DuckDuckgo Vs Google critical evaluation. Undoubtedly DuckDuckGo wins the medal concerning data security and browsing experience. But, Google is still a tech giant standing out from every other minor competitor in the market. With a market cap of $750 billion, it will remain a disruptive browsing search at the end of the day. 

With this, the DuckDuckGo vs Google conflict comes to an end!    

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is DuckDuckGo Owned By Google?

Nope! Google and DuckDuckgo are two different companies. Google Search Engine is owned by Google LLC, whereas DuckDuckGo Inc owns DuckDuckgo. Both of them were never a partner or subsidiary under each other. 

2. Can DuckDuckGo Be Trusted?

Indeed, DuckDuckgo is more secure than any other search engine, even Google. However, it has no protection for kids to navigate to restricted sites. So if you want the parent control feature on DuckDuckGo, unfortunately, it’s not there. This is where the DuckDuckgo Vs Google argument takes a new turn as Google provides features like Parent Control.  

3. What Is The Downside Of DuckDuckGo?

One major disadvantage of DuckDuckgo is it generates revenue through advertisements. As a result, you can see advertisements in your search results which is pretty annoying. Moreover, these ads are not personalized to the users. Hence the viewers find them pretty irrelevant. 

The Final Words

To conclude, who is the winner in this DuckDuckGo vs Google debate? It’s DuckDuckGo if you consider data safety, user experience, and customer support. I agree that Google is the Lion King in the web world, but DuckDuckGo has its own charm and uniqueness. 

So, Yes, DuckDuckGo is the Man Of The Match from a different perspective!

Was this DuckDuckGo vs Google article able to solve your queries? If so, then please do share it with those who are looking for the same information. Furthermore, feel free to drop your opinions or feedback in the comment area; we can’t wait to hear you out. 

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