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10 Popular Search Engines Other Than Google – New Update Of 2021

| August 9, 2021 | BLOGGING

Are you in search of some good-performing search engines other than Google? Well, you have come to the perfect destination as this post will revolve around the popular and safe search platforms except for Google?

Indeed Google is the first preference for everyone when it comes to searching for any information. But, there is much more in this world beyond the ‘Kingdom of Google.’ Moreover, Google’s data breaches have become an increasing concern for every user. Believe me, I also do not feel safe always using Google! 

So considering these, today, the post would highlight and describe a list of 10 search engines that are alternatives to Google. What is the best thing about them? – As of now, there is not a single vulnerability about any of them. The following topics will be covered in the guide:

How Do Search Engines Function?

How Do Search Engines Function

Do you know how the algorithm of a search engine functions? If yes, you are two steps ahead of others in terms of using all the search engines other than Google efficiently. But if not, then learn from the explanation below: 

  1. Crawling: These engines scout across the internet to look for content on every URL available.
  2. Indexing: After crawling is complete, they collect the content pieces and arrange them one by one.
  3. Ranking: The final step is to rank the most helpful content to the least useful ones. 

Top 10 Search Engines Except for Google

Top 10 Search Engines Except for Google

Check out this list containing search engines other than Google. You may or may not have heard about them, but each of them is worth trying. 

1. Bing


Bing search engine is the largest one after Google. It is well known for its incredible visuals and easy user interface. You will find plenty of versatile features like translation, conversion, tracking. You would be surprised to know Bing search engine’s rewards scheme allows you to earn points upon purchasing moves or software. 

2. Yahoo


Yahoo reminds me of the childhood of 90’s kids. I hope you know what vast range of things it offers- news, email, games, shopping, and much more. Even though its use is not much widespread now due to Google, it is the 3rd best search engine other than Google.   

3. DuckDuckGo


It is reported for its clear and credible privacy policy that means a lot to its users. The unlimited scrolling, minimal ads, and polished interface are the main reasons behind user satisfaction. In terms of privacy, it’s zero user tracking makes it the ultimate winner. 


Despite being a little older, it still positions itself in the top 10 “search engines other than Google” list. 

It supports different famous websites like,,


Its question-and-answer structure makes it super user-friendly. If you are non-tech savvy and not familiar with using modern PVCs, it is tailored for you. You will also get FAQs that are close to your keywords. 

6. Qwant


Again a private search platform in your collection after DuckDuvckGo. Similar to the latter, it does not track your personal data or search records. This quick-search feature is one of its topmost advantages while you can search flexibly. Based on several categories. The most shocking fact about it is that Qwant uses Artificial Intelligence. 

7. SearX


SearX’s authentic search results make it one of the top 10 search engines other than Google. This open-source metasearch engine gives a decentralized and fast Internet view. However, it is customizable and hostable as your personal search engine. 

8. Gibiru


Gibiru does not store search requests on its servers. Additionally, it deletes the previous histories immediately after search. So its privacy policy is the most attractive. Its add-on AnonymoX Firefox enables you to experience an accurate and secured search journey.  

9. Startpage


It displays the responses of a query from Google but is not concerned about history storage. Furthermore, its HTTP support and URL generator are popular as it prohibits the collection of cookies. 

10. Swisscows


Swisscows upholds its distinctiveness among them by claiming themselves as a family friendly search engine. One good thing about them is that they do not store, track or collect data. Shockingly it also employs AI for understanding the perspective of an input. 

What Is The Best Private Search Engine In The World?

I know that many people would answer Google, but no, it’s not. There are more search engines other than Google which have got the title of ‘Best Private Search Platform.’  

However, the first ranker in this respect is DuckDuckGO

While using a search engine, it is crucial to look after your data safety, and it is the champion for the same. Don’t you want to know why? DuckDuckGO’s one critical merit is that it does not save your search histories.

However, their transparent privacy policy states that it still saves some “non-personal” and aggregated data.” So it cannot immediately track your queries back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Google Search Engine Unsafe To Use?

You cannot trust Google Search Engine wholly now. The 2018 data breach brought it under a serious negative light. Furthermore. In addition, some results of the Google search engine contain malware, cookies, etc. 

Q2. Do I Need To Use More Than One Search Engine?

This depends on which search engine you are using. But it is always better to use two search engines so that you can get the most improved, entirely accurate, and fully unbiased results. 

Q3. What is The Best Ad-Free Search Engine?

DuckDuckGo search engine has minimal ads. Nevertheless, there is another one called Neeva, a revolutionary 100% ad-free search engine. It allows the users to get real search results without suddenly popping up ads. 

The Bottom Line

Now that your list has 10 added search engines excluding Google, why don’t you explore them once? If you are looking for optimized usability, correct results, and increased privacy, there are a myriad of search engines other than Google.

So give a shot at some of the above and let me know how it goes. If you like this article, then do stick to our page. We come up with new articles on trending multi-category topics frequently. 

Have you got a doubt? Let us know in the comment box below, and we will do everything to answer accurately. 

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