How To Became A Wikipedia Best Editor

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The significance of Wikipedia as an authority site is undisputable. The importance and value of this site can be realized by the fact that in almost every search query a Wikipedia link appears at the topmost position in every search engine results page, be it Yahoo, Bing or Google. Wikipedia is populated with millions of high-quality and well-composed articles from various people. When it comes to making a Wikipedia page, there’s a lot more to it than design, layout and writing style—you need expertise.

Not only celebrities and known individuals have Wikipedia pages; rather, the corporate and business worlds are also using this platform to make the most of the modern marketing strategies and methods. A business Wikipedia page is all about proper and targeted communication of the business message and essential information across the global potential business prospects. Where many business organizations and companies employ the services of Wikipedia editors for hire, we have compiled here a list of some of the most useful tips and tricks which might assist you in accomplishing a successful wiki-page:

Sectioning and Hierarchy:

Even though content hierarchy is a part of SEO-based content and websites, it is also quite effective in giving a structure to the information. The basic idea is the proper placement of each page. In Wikipedia page creation, sections are usually known as spaces, and each space consist of only a certain type of information like all the sales related information can be placed in space dedicated for the sales department.


Make a comprehensive list of all the topics and subjects on which you can write a wiki page. Every article should fit at least one category, don’t assign various categories to the same article. Divide the article into sub-categories and make sure to keep the number of sub-categories reasonable, not too many not too less.


Use keywords as tags to make your discoverable and easier to search. A well-thought-out tagging strategy not only provides your employees with ease in the hunt of relevant information; rather, it also increases the chances of getting your page live on Wikipedia. For instance, if you are writing on social media platforms even though the topic is quite self-explanatory, keywords like Facebook Ad, social media campaign and social media posts can be used as tags to your content relevant and significant.


When it comes to linking sections with various subsections, crosslinking plays a pivotal role in that aspect. This technique is used in connecting different articles of the same and related category. Crosslinking enables the users to switch between different wiki-pages, which not only provides them with in-depth information and data, but it also ensures zero page cluttering.

Page Navigation:

Whether you properly categorize and section your page or not, providing a well-structured table of content and index is of key importance in the creation of a successful wiki-page. A centralized index allows the users to view all the sections and subsections of the page and enables them to easily access, jump on, and switch between sections and subsections. It even allows the users to go back to the previous page in case they open a wrong or irrelevant article.

Search Optimization:

In most cases, companies and organizations need the assistance of the professional Wikipedia editors for hire to get this job done for them. To optimize your wiki-content for search engine, it is usually recommended to use a wiki software that comes with a built-in search box. You can add the most-searched keywords and can optimize your content accordingly.

In the end:

Wikipedia is not a place to showcase your creative writing skills or original thoughts and ideas. Its place where facts, data, stats, and credible information are consolidated to form a rational article. So whichever tip you use, make sure that your information and article is understandable and shareable.

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