how to change wordpress theme without losing content

How To Change WordPress Theme Without Losing Content (Blogging Guide)

| October 8, 2021 | BLOGGING

WordPress; the perfect website for the Wordsmiths inside!

With the advancing of new technology we have been exposed to more customizable options than ever, and changing into different themes in WordPress is fairly easy.

However, sometimes it is inevitable to fall prey to all the nuisance of technology. Turns out, making up your mind to choose a theme among the vast choices is not the only problem you are dealing with when it comes to WordPress themes.

With the alteration of every design, your content will also suffer through some unwanted changes. No wonder the most searched question is, ‘How To Change WordPress Theme Without Losing Content.’

Well, sit back as the excerpt underneath deals with this question in detail and answers your query.

The Wonders Of WordPress [And…Combat Of The Limitations]

The Wonders Of WordPress

As a content writer myself, I can understand the importance of modifying your writing. It is the last finishing touches of your piece de resistance. And it will make the write up from good to perfect.

On top of that, I can also empathise with the frustration when you keep losing portions of content just for the desire to customize the space. Therefore, I bring to you the answers to a few of the most pressing questions regarding this matter.

What Is WordPress?

What Is WordPress

Traditionally, WordPress was known as the blog where content could be modified, written and checked. But now it is doing the work of building entire websites. E-commerce is also thriving with the help of this application.

What Is The Difference Between And

What Is The Difference Between And

Mostly changes that we are referring to are the ones in your website. However, before you understand ‘How To Change WordPress Theme Without Content’. Let us first understand the two way websites are created in the platform.

The only difference between the two is, one is paid. is self-hosted and free when it comes to modify your work and build a website that is exclusively yours. You can purchase web-hosting and domain names.

But, if you are not someone who is an expert in making a website, you can avail to WordPress’s paid services. Although, the control, you have over your own website is a little limited.

Can I Use Different Themes In WordPress?

Can I Use Different Themes In WordPress


If you are someone with limited to no coding knowledge. And yet want to make your website look appealing to the audience, you can choose from a plethora of beautiful themes that are offered by the domain.

Install the theme that you want to change into. However, you can only activate one theme at a time but there is no installation limitation.

How To Change Themes In WordPress?

How To Change Themes In WordPress

As I said, it is simple!

First, you have to go to the Appearance and then click on the option themes in the sidebar of the admin panel.

The cursor will hover over the different themes, out of which you have to captivate the one you wish to select for your writing space.

What Happens When You Switch To WordPress Themes?

What Happens When You Switch To WordPress Themes

‘If I update my WordPress theme will I lose everything?’

Technically No.

Sometimes we do not change the themes that we have been using, especially when there is a website that has to be maintained. All the designs provided by the domain are very intricate and complicated. Sometimes it can completely alter certain parts of the website, and in return you will lose content.

This all depends on the theme that you are currently using and not all the time will the news changes affect the existing ones. However, if it does alter, find the solution underneath.

If you scout through the thematic catalogue, you will understand how different very individual design is. This is the reason why when you change it, the contents of your website. Every structure does look beautiful but unless you are building a website from scratch, the activation of it won’t make you very happy.

Maybe it will just diaheavel a few elements but that is definitely the best case scenario. However, the experience is worse than that most of the time.

These are some of the changes you will notice:

  • The shortcodes, added in the theme before, may disabled.
  • It can interrupt the scheme data.
  • may it can delete some of the theme-specific widgets that you have added on the pages.
  • The core parts can also alter like navigation bar, contact forms and other crucial sections of the website.

How To Change WordPress Theme Without Losing Content?

How To Change WordPress Theme

By now I am sure you have understood that the more intricate the theme is, more changes the page will endure. That being said, we are not saying you should not use these complicated themes. So, it is important to know how to change the theme while saving the page structure.

If the changes couldn’t be brought back with a few reverts then these are the steps you should use.

Follow These Steps:

This is a lab where you can test the themes first and analyse the important changes before finally making it public. The reason why this is the best method when answering How To Change WordPress Theme Without Losing Content, is because you can always start anew if you don’t wish to go forth with the change.

WordPress offers this feature free in their package. You can also create a local environment for WordPress, to see how the entire website looks. However, this is a much more complicated process than the last one.

You should always preview the website first. Just go to appearance and then to the customize section in the dashboard to preview it before you activate it for all your viewers to see.

To End It

Theme is the first thing anyone will see when they stumble across your website. Needless to mention, it has to be perfect so make sure you check it thoroughly before it is presented for the people to see.

The process of changing and altering each time you find a change that does not suit your taste can be tiring, but you have to make sure that you are only presenting the best to your audience.

So, in short, in order to answer your question of How To Change WordPress Theme Without Losing Content.

There is no effortless way to update WordPress themes without losing customization in your website. However, if you want to utilize the mindblowing themes, you might have to sit in front of the screen a little longer.

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