how long does it take to write a 1000 word

How Long Does It Take To Write A 1000 Word Article?

| September 14, 2021 | BLOGGING

‘Staring at the blank screen and the second cup of coffee is not helping…’

How many times have we been in this situation? Where we have an assignment to complete and we are going through this insufferable writer’s block.

For many people writer’s block is a consequence of overworking other’s believe it is simple laziness but my theory lies somewhere in between. Writer’s block is a state of mind. Therefore, it can be controlled and maneuvered with effort.

If you are stuck with that 1000 word article and just wondering how long does it take to write a 1000 word article then the first task would be to stop asking this question.

You Need To Plan First

You Need To Plan First

If you are still worrying about the time period then remember every person takes a different amount of time. Moreover, it depends on their writing speed, thought process and practice. 

When I first started writing it took me half a day to finish a 1000 word article but as precision developed the timing decreased and now I can complete the same task in just 1 or 2 hour.

Things You Will Need To Plan Further

These are the steps you will need to follow to understand how long does it take to write a 1000 word article for you

1. Research

It is almost impossible to know every subject on the face of Earth. Not just know but have perfect comprehension on them to the point that words will just flow out of your fingers. Hence, it is important to take down points and learn the topic you want to write first. 

Always have a research note that will include agendas you would like to cover in the article.

2. Divide

We get very intimidated when we see a ‘1000 words article’ and think about how much we can write on one single subject. However, you have to see that there are a lot of details other than the main subject that is required in your article. You have to first study them and then divide each subject according to the set of word counts. 

With this method you won’t see 1000 at once but 200+200+200…

It will therefore ease your work. 

3. Time Management

The biggest reason why you are always asking how long does it take to write a 1000 word article is because the last time you wrote it, it probably took you a lot of time. However, it is not just the counted writing time. It additionally included you staring at the blank screen and thinking; you struggling to write just one paragraph; or you procrastinating to finish that ‘last’ YouTube video.

Sit and frame a plan of how long it will take for you to research the subject. Furthermore, evaluate your writing speed and separate the time with each 100 words.

4. Keep Away From All Distraction

Entertainment from around the world is just a click away, therefore it is hard to not procrastinate while writing a long article. It is always advised to keep your mobile phone or any other electronics other than the one you are writing on aside for the entirety of your writing time.  

More distractions, the more time it will take for you to finish the article. 

5. Take A  Break

How long does it take to write a 1000 word article is always the first question we ask because as humans we like to have a clear view of a set goal. However, it takes approximately 4 to 5 hours for a beginner to complete that task. This can make anyone feel disheartened thinking about this elongated period of time.

What we fail to acknowledge is the important reasoning to take breaks in between. We all need to reset after mentally draining ourselves. So, after each hour take a ten minutes break, leave your desk and walk around for a while. 

6. Don’t Edit Immediately

We all know that finishing the article is just finishing 60% of the task, editing and perfecting the article takes the last 40%. Although it is tempting to check what you have written, do not edit at the very second you finish writing.

Take a little break and let the writing settle in the subconscious of your mind only then you will be able to pin-point mistakes. 

Tips For Writing A 1000 Word Article:

Writing the article and finishing it on time is not the only task you should be concerned with, your content matters too. Therefore, writing better comprehensible and readable content is more important. 

You can also use the pomodoro method of writing which is finding its popularity with writers these days. Over here you are reminded to take a five minute break after each 25 minutes. These determine that you take a breather to stretch and breathe but at the same time this recreation is not elongated beyond a point.

In this method, you are also allowed a break of ten minutes after each hour you contribute to your writing. These forms of comprehensive writing and break division will put you into a routine of writing.

Keep These Pointers In Mind To Write Good Articles

  • Keep the sentences short. 
  • Put yourself in the reader’s shoes and write what you would enjoy reading.
  • Don’t use too many technical jargons or pour the entire thesaurus on your article. This is not a literary contest. 
  • Don’t just think how long it takes to finish a 1000 word article, wonder in what ways you can make that 1000 word article better. 
  • Practice your writing speed in your off time and check the number of words you are able to type in a minute. 
  • Do not paraphrase using a paraphrasing tool as it will only lead to an oddly constructed article. 

Happy Writing!

Remember writing is not just a form of art but also a way of expressing and communicating with your readers. Write in first person as if you are talking directly to them. However, before everything, you have to love the activity; you have to love the monotonous sound of your fingers tapping the keyboard keys in unison. 

Write on subjects you are interested in and can put forward your best efforts. But, you must also acknowledge the other writing styles and subjects. Learn about them in your free time along with constantly practicing your typing speed. These will help you write your next 1000 word article much faster than expected.

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