how to make money on blogger without adsense

How To Make Money On Blogger Without Adsense

| September 21, 2021 | BLOGGING

You with a morning cup of coffee and phone in hand, relishing into the depths of your favourite travel blog and suddenly a flashy ad pops up!

Saying it is annoying would be an understatement.

You immediately lose interest and click out.

Now, for instance, imagine it being your content on Blogger that you have put your heart and soul into. You wouldn’t want anyone to click out of your content because of irritating ads, would you?

Ads are an important tool, but a written content with an ad interruption where you cannot use much of the creative advertisement tools can put your readers teeth on edge.

Now, coming to the million dollar question. How to make money on Blogger without adsense?

What Is Blogger?

What Is Blogger


Blogger is an all pervasive content platform where content writers and bloggers are allowed to express their wordsmith abilities along with spreading valuable information.

This was established by writers who understood the world’s need for informative and entertaining content everyday.

There are two plans that are offered by Blogger to anyone who wishes to write there.

  • A free plan where you are allowed to post articles free of cost.
  • An ad sense plan where you can make money out of your blog with google showing relevant ads to your readers. This is a custom domain.

Why People Love To Make Money Through Adsense Rather Than Going To The Extra Mile?

Why People Love To Make Money Through Adsense Rather Than Going To The Extra Mile

The answer is pretty self explanatory. It is easy.

With adsense you simply write your article and let the adsense of Google optimization in capitalising off your work. However, this is not the most organic way of making money. On top of that, it doesn’t really determine your quality as a content writer.

If you want to establish your content quality without receiving money through ad sense there are definite ways to do that. Although it is a gradual process and will take a considerable amount of effort, it is the best feeling afterwards when your content makes money just for its mastery quality.

Additionally your readers will be more pleased without any advertisement distracting them.

Some Of The Way To Monetize Blogger Without Adsense

Some Of The Way To Monetize Blogger Without Adsense

Before asking ‘How to make money on Blogger Without Adsense’ you should know the terms and conditions of the platform. We are strictly talking about not using the Google adsense feature and remaining in the free domain while making money from it.

Now, it is clear that in this method there is no direct way to make money from the platform itself. That being said, it is fortunate that there are no restrictions when it comes to making money from external sources. 

Here are a few ways to make money on your blogs:

There are numerous complicated ways to capitalize without ads but we always focus on the new writers who are novice to the content marketing world. Hence, underneath mentioned are the easiest answers to the question of , ‘How to earn money from blog without adsense.’

1. Sell Your Content As E-Book

If you are a master wordsmith and are confident that your content has the potential to sell without the adsense bait then you can try selling them as E-Books.

There are some contents which are so highly informative that a minimum cost should be attached to them. If you are the individual who is capable of writing such an article, this is the perfect way to monetize your content.

Create your own product. However, it might take a few recognition before they start selling. Hence, the initial prize has to be minimum. Advertise your content using the best weapon called social media and this in turn will save your readers from pop-up ad disturbances.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way to put ads on Blogger without adsense. This is the newest form of marketing that is even used by billion dollar fortune 500 companies.

This is where a company can pay you to add exclusive links about their product or services within your article. It is like an advertisement disguised in a form of information.

This has a three tier benefit. First, being a part of the content gives the company some exposure. Secondly, the creator is also paid each time someone buys the product. Thirdly, the ad poses as more of an information than a distraction. 

3. Sponsored Post

Sponsored articles is the first answer you will get when asked about How to Make Money on Blogger without adsense.’

The reason why this didn’t find its place at the top of the list is because this is a method used by content writers who have been in the field for quite some time. Before you get paid to write content for sponsoring someone’s business, you need to gain recognition for yourself.

That being said, if you use advertisement tools for yourself right away, the exposure is not a long way to go.

Sponsored articles are another way to put ads on Blogger without adsense. However, rather than having a few segments talking about the said product, the whole article is dedicated to it. Sometimes people themselves search for a product review or information and this is the best way to bring readers to you.

4. Create A Portfolio

This plan will sound a little eccentric and will take a little more confidence. However, if you master it, within a few months you will have clients come to you.

Writing is an art and like any other art it can also be marketed. With every article you write in Blogger you can tactfully place a link to your portfolio too. Let clients scout through your other articles and if your wordsmith abilities impress them, you can be paid for each article.

The question of ‘How To Make Money On Blogger Without Adsense’ generally arises when you are confident enough in your writing and know that it can monetize without the help of adsense.

Although, with this method you have to be a little more patient. But nevertheless it is an excellent tactic to create your own connections.

Market Your Content

If you have tried all the above methods and yet failed to monetize from your content then don’t immediately start belittling your writing quality. Yes, definitely find ways to improve them but the way you market your content is also important.

Try to be regular with your articles as you don’t want to lose avid readers who are already in love with your content. At the same time simultaneously use social media to create an exposure for your work. Learn tools like WordPress or use Envira Gallery to make your articles more visually artistic.

Hopefully, we have been able to answer ‘How To Make Money On Blogger Without Adsense.’ Remember ad sense is a simpler way to gain money but it won’t give you the satisfaction like an organic click does.

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