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Top 7 SEO Strategy To Rank On Google – 2021

| July 30, 2021 | SEO

I assume that you are a newbie in the digital marketing sector, and that is why you are here. Therefore, I can say that you have arrived at the right place. If you are looking for detailed information about SEO, this article is tailored for you. 

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a word that every single digital marketer is aware of nowadays. It is a feasible way to drive customers to your website irrespective of what kind of service you are offering. If you use it correctly, an SEO strategy can give many benefits beyond your imagination. 

SEO is a dynamic concept owing to its evolving nature. So if you embed SEO with your marketing strategy, you can just rock your position on Google search rank. Good SEO performance considers several elements such as backlinks, social shares, traffic, and metrics. Here are 7 SEO strategies that are worth looking for in 2021. 

What Is an SEO Strategy And How Is It Effective To Boost Your Google Rank?

What Is an SEO Strategy And How Is It Effective To Boost Your Google Rank

What is an SEO strategy? – We have received this question multiple Times from people like you. Although the concept may seem a little confusing initially, you will find it exciting once you have a grasp. 

SEO strategy is basically a precise plan that aims to improve the search engine rankings of a website. The ultimate goal behind this is to get a stream of organic traffic. SEO strategies stand on a number of pivotal aspects, including content strategy, link building, technical SEO end-user experience. 

Top 7 SEO Strategies In 2021 To Rank On Google

Top 7 SEO Strategies In 2021 To Rank On Google

In the section below, we have elaborated some viable SEO strategies. If you apply these correctly, your website’s ranking on the Goggle will rise significantly:

1. Including Video

Including Video 

A feasible SEO strategy needs incorporating videos. The popularity of YouTube has made online videos proceed 2-step forward. Have you not started producing any video-based content? Well, it’s time to give it a try. 

But before that, you need to learn how to enhance video content. To do this, firstly, optimize the channel description and channel name with keywords. However, the channel name should also include keywords apart from being crispy. 

Thirdly, while posting any video, enrich its description with relevant keywords. But maintain a limit in using keywords because its overuse will lead to keyword stuffing. Youtube’s auto-complete feature allows you to find trending keywords in the form of pop-ups. 

2. Image Optimization 

Image Optimization 

If the images on your website are still not optimized now, do it as soon as possible. Use high-quality images that are relevant to your content. Do not forget to use alt tags as crawlers make use of it for categorizing the images. 

As the last step, add images in such a way that one needs to give less effort to crawl to your site map. Recently, the evolution of visual image search has started to incorporate this trick easily into your SEO strategies. 

3. Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets

Featured snippets is a recognized SEO strategy that has become renowned since 2017. It is a roadway to boost your visibility on popular search engine platforms like Google. Mainly ‘short and compact’ lies at the core idea of featured snippets. 

Did you know that these help you extract a massive volume of traffic from your rivals? If you want to develop featured snippets by yourself, concentrate on relevant keywords and question-focused queries. 

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the ‘hot cake components’ of digital marketing. The AI algorithm of Google, RankBrain is quite popular. It plays a crucial role in the search engine results pages. 

Have you thought about how to hone your SEO for the Google algorithm, RankBrain? You require to engage readers through keyword-rich and insightful content.  Precisely, on-page SEO checkers might help you evaluate the strength of your content based on backlinks, keywords understandability, etc.

5. Use Of Voice Search

Use Of Voice Search

For upgrading to Voice Search, choose the keywords and determine longer phrases that are common.  It is because voice searching performs well with natural and longer phrases. Generally, while searching, it is human tendency to use abbreviated words. 

For instance, people tend to type the phrase ‘Best SEO strategies 2021’ instead of ‘The latest SEO strategies in 2021.’.

6. Prioritizing Data And Analytics

Prioritizing Data And Analytics

Data and analytics facilitate you to understand the nature of your audience, generate targeted messages and see campaigns. Together they enable you to verify the credibility of referral sources, indexes, response errors, redirects, bounce rates, and many others. 

But how to apply these to your website? You can check out some tools on the internet that give you the authority to tackle everything. Starting from on-page SEO to link building- you can do much more things using such tools. 

7. Setting Predictive Search 

Setting Predictive Search 

Google Discover is a content recommendation tool that identifies search patterns of the users. Then, after learning the users’ behavior, it suggests the accurate content that would benefit the reader through prediction. 

In order to appear in the content suggestion list of Google search, you need to do much. Your content page would be included upon indexing by Google. The concept of assessing the content quality by algorithms is the foundation of contenting ranking via predictive search. 

This methodology gives you endless opportunities to target and address potential problems so that you can augment your web presence. 

The Final Words 

SEO strategy is the heart of your business if it is a digital one. If you want to make your website rank higher quickly, then SEO strategies are the best option. Nonetheless, if you have not devised any, then start doing it now. 

We hope that this article will help you a lot in developing insightful SEO strategies. Furthermore, follow us to get guides like this on trending topics. Finally, please put your valuable comment in the box below if you have any opinion. 

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