5 Reasons To Hire SSL Certificate Service For HTTPS Encryption

| November 28, 2018 | TIPS AND TRICK 

Modern businesses need websites not just for providing information about their products or services but also for making sales and other transactions. This makes it essential that the interface is secured against threats like information theft which can lead to financial losses. Engaging SSL certificate services which enable the HTTPS encryption on a website will help in safeguarding an interface. Many business owners avoid this crucial aspect thinking it to be a wasteful expenditure. On the contrary, the practice provides protection from cyber crimes and also enhances the user experience of the interface. Let’s take a look at some reasons for hiring SSL certificate providers for a website.

1. Create A Trustworthy Brand Image:

An SSL certificate, when installed on a website, ensures that the communication between the server and a browser remains encrypted and safe. The green padlock and the word “secure” preceding the URL of a website instills confidence in people that the website they are visiting has protective measures enabled for shielding their sensitive information from malicious elements. This establishes the image of the brand as a trustworthy entity among the target audience. Once a user is assured of safety from attacks, he/she is expected to spend more time on the interface also.

2. Protective Mechanism Against Attacks:

The SSL certificate or HTTPS encryption is an excellent protective mechanism against attacks and breaches. Let’s say a Canadian organization’s website has a feature for adding subscribers. The group engages one of the best SSL certificate providers in Vancouver for enabling HTTPS on the website. This will be helpful in protecting the usernames, passwords and other sensitive personal details such as postal addresses from being accessed by unauthorized people. Encryption will ensure that in case the data is accessed somehow it will be in an incomprehensible form and prove to be useless for the hacker.

3. Improve The Search Engine Rankings Of The Website:

Google has started treating SSL certificates as a factor for finalizing its search results rankings. In order to provide accurate results to its users, the search engine giant wants to ensure that the websites listed in its search results have the capability of transferring information from their servers to users’ browsers in a secure manner. An interface possessing high-quality content and employing SEO best practices but without this security feature cannot expect to get a good position in search results. Installing the certificate, therefore, will help a website in improving its rankings in the search engine result pages.

4. Vital In Securing Online Payments:

One of the major benefits of hiring an SSL certificate service agency is that it will be helpful in securing all online payments or other monetary transactions conducted on the website. Visitors will only share critical personal information like credit card or bank account details with an interface which is secure. Not only e-commerce ventures but other organizations will also benefit from the practice. For example, an educational institution with the help of the certificate can secure the manner in which students use its website to pay their fees.

5. Ensures Compliance With Regulations:

Rising cases of personal information theft forced authorities around the world to frame legal regulations for the protection of such data. These laws put the responsibility of safeguarding the information on the entity asking for it which means that websites must have the necessary features for the purpose. Moreover, transactions involving credit/ debit cards are also governed by specific industry standards. All these factors necessitate the installation of SSL certificates on interfaces in order to ensure that the organizations they are representing are compliant with all applicable regulations.


Engaging SSL certificate service providers for installing the security feature on a website will help in not only protecting valuable data but also play an important role in the growth of the organization.

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