The Evolution of Digital marketing – a New Era

| December 8, 2018 | TIPS AND TRICK 

No expert predicted that digital marketing could be the key for business 10 years before. What kind of mobile phones we had? The flip and slide type were considered to be the great models. We didn’t even have any idea on the social media and online purchases which are at peak today.

Smartphones are found at every corner of the world. It completely changed the scenario of interaction, shopping style and personal habit of people. The application has completely changed the life of every person.  Every mobile app development company is growing at a faster pace. Demand for advanced applications is sprouting day by day lessening the human burden.

1. Quick communication:

Communication is the key that creates a relationship between people. It has taken several forms from older times and now it is the instant messaging apps that people fall for. The interaction between two people is very high in case of the instant messaging app. The organizations are taking this as an advantage enabling the messaging feature within their app. This allows the customer to clear their queries by questioning it directly to the organization; which takes the customer a step closer to the owners.

2. In-depth information:

Understanding the customers becomes an easy task. Today, the interactivity increases and the activity of a particular customer can be tracked with aid of digital platform. When the preferences of an individual customer are well-known then the products related to it can be showcased to draw the attention.

Suppose a customer searches for a particular item and it is available in your site. Then you can add up a notification about the availability of the product over through an ad or any other form. This will evidently increase the possibilities of the item being bought. Automatically the business improves enhancing the growth rate.

3. Content transfer:

Can you guess how much content is transferred over the digital platform? A shocking result is revealed. For every 60 seconds, around 3.3 million posts on Facebook are shared and 29 million messages are distributed.

A creative message can get a reach that even a celebrity cannot give an organization. Content with high-quality image, videos and product display can be a sensational hit. Rolex is the perfect example of this mode of reach. Through its creative message, it has turned out into a star today.

4. Transparency:

The word ‘brand’ means a lot in today’s digital era. The brand comes only by means of gaining the customer’s trust. An organization can acquire trust when they are being loyal to the clients. This is especially perfect for the food product companies. Clients demand complete transparency. They wish to know A-Z details of the items that they intend to buy.

According to a study, only 12% of the customer creates a trust in a company depending upon the packing and look of a particular product whereas around 67% of the buyers strongly believe in the brand. About 94% of the buyers are turning out to be permanent customers for organizations that are absolutely transparent to them.

5. Individual customization:

One of the secret keys for a successful business is providing the users a personal touch. When things seem to be customized people enjoy the use of the particular application. This, in turn, enhances the user’s experience keeping the user more engaged to it. Today the companies are turning smarter by sending personal messages marketing their brand.

Personalization has turned out to be a powerful tool in the digital world. On an average 85% of the users are more likely to buy products that provide personalized services to them. A real-time example is the consequences that followed by the celebration of 20 years of Easyjet. It sent a personalized message to every customer about their first flight along with fascinating facts. Personalization of messages was possible for the organization by going through the customer database.

An overwhelming response overflowed the social media with a positive response within a minute of the message transfer. Surprisingly the people to whom the messages were sent booked new travel within 30 days of the e-mail.

6. Provoke creativity:

The high digital competition among the multiple brands is setting up high standards. Every organization is forced to think something out of the box to prevail in the market. Continuous research is being made to reach out the customers and keep them engaged. Consider the finance sector Google and PayPal are gathering the banks to join them to influence the customers.

7. No need of celebrity influencers:

Before the introduction of social media, every organization needed a celebrity’s influence to take their product to the people. With the emergence of social media spending money on marketing through celebrity has depleted. Now, organizations are in search of normal people who have more followings in social media. From a survey, it is proved that than using a celebrity’s influence, social media winners are able to provide better results for branding solutions.

In the current trend, it is wiser for an organization to invest more in learning and experimenting development initiatives that keep them aware of the changing pace in the digital world.

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