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How To Convert WordPress Site To Blogger (Blogging Guide)

| September 13, 2021 | BLOGGING

WordPress is the most popular blogging site of 2021. If you are currently handling any WordPress website, you can easily convert your WordPress to blogger. Word press is undoubtedly the best pick where you want to explore more features of the site and engage your viewers with attractive pictures and engaging themes choices.

The best feature of WordPress is when you want to explore multiple choices of themes and the many multitasking plugins, this is the rich choice for you. But you may have various types of reasons to convert your website from WordPress to blogger. Hence, this WordPress to blogger migration is not as easy as it appears because both platforms support different file formats.

Let’s see the different challenges you are going to face during the WordPress to blogger conversions.

Challenges Of WordPress to Blogger Conversions:

WordPress to Blogger Conversions

Both the conversion of WordPress to blogger and the blogger to WordPress migration are challenging in one aspect. Both of these platforms prefer different kinds of file formats. For the blogging website, WordPress is currently dominating the whole internet. Almost 70% of the blogging websites are word press websites, but for many reasons, the users want to convert the WordPress website into a google blogging website.

Here Are The Significant Challenges Which You Are Going To Face During The Conversion:

  • When you want to convert your WordPress to the Google blogger, you have to do the pre installations of the plugins to make the conversion easy.
  • And the most crucial challenge you are going to face is WordPress, and the blogger website supports the different file formats. This is going to be the biggest challenge for Image and video conversion. The images and the other file attachments do not convert automatically. You have to convert your file attachments manually.

These two are the biggest challenges which are going to face during the conversion. But when you are using the plugins, these conversions are turning out to be an easy method.

Popular Plugins For WordPress To Blogger Migrations:

Plugins For WordPress To Blogger Migrations

WordPress migration plugins are the best solution for you when you want to move your website from WordPress to blogger. When you want to convert your website, you do not want to lose a single piece of data from your website. The most crucial part is you do not want to lose your SEO rankings and the file attachments. For making your conversion smooth and easy without losing a single piece of data, you have to use the migrations plugins.

Here Are A Few Names Of The Popular Plugins Which Are Used For The WordPress To Blogger Conversion:

1. JetPack Plugin:

Jet Pack

Do you want to use an easy single-click site restoration plugin with multiple security features., Jetpack is the right choice for you.

Pricing: $40/Year.

2. UpdraftPlus Premium:

Updraft Plus Premium

You can schedule and save your WordPress backups to any remote area.

Pricing: $72/Year.

3. Duplicator Pro:

Duplicator Pro

Easy step-by-step migration process. You can create a simple duplicate website.

Pricing: $60/Year for three websites.

4. BackupBuddy:

Backup Buddy

This plugin comes with scheduled automated backups and accessible restoration features with multiple mitigating features.

Pricing: $80 for a single site license.

5. Bluehost Migrator:

Bluehost Migrator

Entirely automatic migrations system. If you want to create any temporary domain for the transferred site, this plugin will automatically create it.

Pricing: Free of cost.

These are the names of a few of the popular plugins which you can use for conversion. Among these lists, the blue host migrator is a free plugin. As a starter, you can start the migration process with that. And after some days, it is better to shift into any premium versions of plugins.

Now let’s see how to make the WordPress to blogger conversion.

Step By Step Process For WordPress to blogger Migration:

Process For WordPress to blogger Migration

When you want to process the WordPress to blogger conversion, you have to simply import the new blogger’s site elements. This element lists the comments, posts, and pages that are included.

Here Is The Step-By-Step Guide To Process The WordPress To Blogger Conversion:

Step1: First, log in to your WordPress admin page with the username and the password. 

Step2: Visit the WordPress dashboard and select the tools from the menu list on the left side of the page.

Step3: Select the Export import option and open the export content screen.

Step4: From the export, the content section selects the export all option.

Step5: You will get the mail notifications after successful exporting is done. First, you have to download the link which is sent to you through the mail and unzip the downloaded file.

Now open the WordPress to blogger conversion online tool and drag the exported file. Start the uploading of the exported file. After the uploading is finished, you are going to get the message about the conversion.

Observe The Following Guidance To Create The Blog Site:

Step1: First, log in to the blogger and create a separate blog site.

Step2: Select the menu option from the left and open the manage blog section from the list. And select the import content option from the list.

Step3: To confirm the action, you have to select the captcha checkbox and select the import function for the file.

Step4: To make your process easy and simple, turn on the automatic publishing of all imported posts.

Step5: Open the converted WordPress XML file and select the open option. And after your importing is getting completed, you will get the message about the confirmation of successfully importing the XML file.

Now you successfully import your WordPress file to blogger. When you are using the paid plugins, you do not have to do the attached file migrations manually. You can easily find your migrated posts, comments, and pages in your new blogger account. With these few simple steps, you can convert your WordPress to blogger.

Wrapping It Up:

The WordPress to blogger conversion is challenging unless you choose the right plugins for the functions. If you currently want to shift the WordPress to a blogger, you have to select the right plugins for the actions. First, you have to pre-install the plugin for the WordPress blogger then do the blogger to WordPress conversion. Then you have to start the importing. So which plugin is currently used? Do not forget to share your strategy in the comment sections.

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