11 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid While Building an Online Presence

| January 24, 2019 | TIPS AND TRICK 

Be in the limelight or get ready to leave. This is how the digital world operates. Either you make yourself noticed by the masses or you just sit there and watch other companies snatch away the business from you. As scary as this might sound, following a couple of tips will ensure that you are safe. But you should have the motivation and enthusiasm to lead ahead. Because you will have to fight through fierce competition. If you think that it is easy for products like Cox packages to make it to your screens without any effort, you are mistaken.

So, here’s your guide to the mistakes you should avoid while you are building an online presence.

No Vision No Gain

If you do not adopt an ‘I am here to stay’ attitude and enter the market half-heartedly, you would have to face the bad consequences of a non-serious attitude. You should have a farsighted vision for your brand/company. You should tell yourself that you do not want to introduce the product of the year but the product of the century maybe. This will encourage you to create the best possible product. And this is what will make you stand out among the masses.

Ditching the Website

Many people believe that it is not necessary to have a website for your business. Well, sorry to break it to you but it is essential as hell that you have a website. No, you do not have to hire developers that will charge you a fortune to design a website for you. You can always look for cheaper options but do not ditch the idea of creating a website altogether. Many people do not have a social media presence. How exactly are you planning to cater to them? Not everyone is on LinkedIn. How can you afford to lose that chunk of the potential customers? Yes, social media is the guru these days but a website is a must. So, invest in one.

Promising What You Can’t Deliver

That’s the worst you can do to your potential customers. It’s like giving them a false ray of hope only to break it to them later that it was a stunt. Playing with your customers’ expectations is not a stunt. It’s a lie that will never act to your benefit. It so happens that in the excitement to have an online presence, brands start over-exaggerating. They think it’s the easiest way out to make themselves prominent. Easiest but the worst, I must agree. Because doing so will earn you customers for the first time. But once they realize that you are not delivering exactly what you promised, they won’t return for a second purchase. So, think before you make false or exaggerated claims.


It’s all fun and games unless people figure out that you copied the logo, slogan or image of another business. That other business may or may not be your competitor. But copying of any sort is unethical. The brand whose logo or slogan you very conveniently promoted as yours can sue you. So, the key to avoiding getting into any legal troubles, educate yourself regarding the dos and don’ts. Because not only will this defame your brand but will also be heavy on your bank account. Always seek legal help before you get into something that you have your doubts about.


If you fail to come up with a unique brand name, you won’t attract that much audience. However, in your quest to look for a unique brand name, do not forget to do your homework of searching the market. Should that name already exist, you’ll be in trouble? Therefore, go unique.

Who Got Your Back?

Before you begin a business, you should have a backup plan. You cannot be sure of the odds working in your favor when you start a new venture. Therefore, ask yourself. What if this does not work out, what will be my backup plan? And if you get lucky enough to attract a handsome amount of people, you need to protect yourself against mishaps. This includes having good IT security etc. Because you cannot afford to lose data to the devil that’s called Trojan.

The Message’s Unclear

If your message does not get across to your audience or if the audience is confused as to what you are trying to convey to them, you need to rethink about your branding. The worst that you can do is, send mixed signals regarding your business’s affiliations or ethos. When you yourself are not sure about your brand or product, how will you expect the audience to relate to it? For this purpose, you might have to hire a marketing manager who knows his job.

Google’s Unaware of Your Existence

Here’s a practice that you should make a part of your life. Google yourself. It is highly likely that people will Google your brand’s name to find more about you. However, if you fail to show up on the top results of the search page, the audience won’t consider you, to begin with. Rank yourself better or get ready to be ignored.

Proofreading is the Key

NEVER underestimate the power of proofreading all that you write before it goes live. Whether it be the content for your website or something you want to publish on your social media site, proofread. It is essential that you eliminate typos or any grammatical errors that may exist. Failure to do so will just promote your brand as a very sloppy one. You do not want that for yourself.

Failure to Educate Your Potential Customers

Assuming that people would know what you do by reading the name of your company is a misconception. You need to educate your audience regarding what you do. What are the products or services that you deliver? You need to explain them in layman’s terms because you may know everything about yourself, they don’t.

Break the Ice

You need to get comfortable with online conversations with your audience. This does not imply that you start sliding in their DMs or send them personal messages on Facebook. This means that you respond to the comments made by people on your social media pages and interact with them. This will make them feel valued. And a valued customer is always a happy person.

You can hire social media managers for all this. Because let’s face it, everyone has access to services like Cox Internet packages these days. So, this means that they are connected to the Internet at almost all times. They have access to various brands and companies who are trying to reach out to them through advertisements. Therefore, you need to make an effort to stay at top of the game.

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