Unique Strategies to Increase Blog Traffic

| June 4, 2017 | BLOGGING

Your company can probably enjoy many benefits if you can establish a popular business blog. For example, you might use your blog as a tool to keep current and potential customers updated. You also have the chance to let the public connect with your brand on a more personal level. Of course, you may encourage two-way communication through comments on your blog or on social sites. Blogs offer lots of advantages, but the best blog content won’t help you if you don’t get people to view it.

Unique Tips to Attract More Blog Customers

Certainly, you may try to increase search engine traffic and the size of your network on social sites. Search engines and social networking sites can send you lots of traffic, but you also have to compete with lots of other marketers who want to attract people to their company. If you’ve already tried to promote your blog with disappointing results, consider these unique and varied tips that should help you attract more blog traffic.

1. Promote Your Blog From Your Website

If you have sales pages on your website, you probably want to focus them on converting visitors into customers. However, lots of consumers want to learn more about a company before they actually make a purchase or even after they’ve made an initial purchase. Today’s consumers like to know who they are dealing with. If you can get consumers to learn more about your company, you’re much more likely to make sales.

You could certainly link to some key blog posts on your thank-you or main pages. If your website has an About page, that is another great place to include some teasers to a few selected blog posts. You should usually also include a link to your blog on your website’s main menu. You can work on promoting your blog from your own website without distracting visitors from your sales funnel. In fact, your blog may become a critical element of a buyer’s journey.

2. Reuse and Distribute Content From Your Blog

Most bloggers hope to reserve their best content for their own site. Still, you can increase the number of visitors to that great content by posting some content on other sites. You don’t have to bust your content budget to accomplish this goal if you have a plan to stack content. Stacking content just means that you have developed one basic piece of content that you can reuse and recycle.

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For example, you might develop an incredible video that highlights a product, community service effort, or other topic that should engage your audience. You could also develop a shorter video with some parts of that original video. It makes sense to post this shorter version on YouTube, on other social networks, or even as paid advertising. This content should tease viewers to encourage them to click through to your main blog to see more.

3. Make Certain Your Blog Performs Well on Different Devices

If you haven’t made certain that your blog and the rest of your website works well on desktops, laptops, tablets, and cell phones, you are late for the party. It’s been quite some time since Google announced that they majority of search traffic comes from mobile devices. Today, you might as well assume that a large portion of internet traffic is also mobile traffic.

You certainly don’t want to invest in great content, a plan to distribute that content, and ways to promote your blog if you disappoint visitors by offering them a poor experience. Most online visitors have little patience for sites that don’t function well on their favorite devices; mobile visitors are notoriously impatient. Take some time to test out your blog on different kinds of computerized devices.

4. Promote Your Blog Offline

Today’s consumers research purchases of products and services online. This is true if they intend to buy online or not. Even if you have your first contact with potential or current customers offline, you can still let them know about your online platform. You probably already use your website to promote your store, agency, or clinic. In order to keep people engaged after they exit your building, you should also do the reverse.

Do you run a local business? If you distribute business cards, mailers, or fliers, make sure you include a link to your blog. Use signs in your store or cafe to tease customers with your best content. You might even promote online coupons and special sales that you only offer to your blog subscribers. Since most adults tend to carry their phones with them everywhere, they will always have your best deals in their pockets and purses.

Should You Invest in Your Blog?

Even though blogs can offer your a very cost-effective way to increase your profits, you may have to spend some money to improve them. For example, you may not care to produce your own videos or know how to make your site function well on tablets and cell phone. Most business owners hire professionals to help them with tasks that they can’t manage on their own.

If you need to invest in your content, site design, or promotion, it might help to have ongoing access to business funds. A business line of credit works in a similar way to a credit card. That is, you can use only what you need and not have to pay interest or fees for money you don’t withdraw.

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