Email Marketing Best Practices: 5 Tips to Become a Better Marketer

| October 16, 2018 | TIPS AND TRICK 

Marketing is all about learning skills that can help you as a marketer. The skills that are involved in being a successful marketer are evolving every now and then. However, marketers are constantly struggling with the constant demands of the industries.

However, email marketing can be effectively used to become a better marketer. It is a golden era for email marketing, as more and more people are using the internet it is a great time to use the internet as an effective means to market your business.

But, as a marketer, it is difficult to understand what things would work and what you can just pass. The importance of email marketing just cannot be ignored. It is important to understand that your email marketing techniques need to be unique and indulging that the rest in order to attract the audience.

You can complete revolutionizing your business if you use email marketing techniques in the right way. It can also be used as a channel to advertise your brand in the best possible way.

Now let’s discuss comprehensively how some of the email marketing techniques can help you in becoming a successful marketer.

Make a relevant connection between the subject and the first line:

Your email should be impressive it should simply urge people to click. How many times you get an email and click it just because it looks interesting? We are sure you have done this many times, and this is what is required. To this, your subject line must follow the first line of the message.

It is important to be clear and precise in the subject line. Play with your subject, make it clickable, jot down some interesting lines. You can even use a colorful subject line to make it stand out from the rest. Do not forget that your first line will also be visible as a preview text on many emailing sites.

Let’s take an example here:

Subject line: Join the whole crew this Saturday in Midway Salutation: Steve

First line: We’re organizing an event with XYZ organization for an astounding event this Saturday.

If Steve is keen about your event, he will read it further. If not at least you delivered your message adequately.

Send emails that are mobile friendly:

According to a survey which was done in 2014 around 42% of the emails were checked on smartphones.  This is why it is important to draft emails that are responsive to mobile devices.
So, it is important for marketers to understand the importance of email marketing and imply strategies that are mobile friendly.

Due to the wide use of mobile devices choosing to make mobile-friendly email will simply give you a competitive edge.

Pick the right time to mail:

It is obvious that you are not going to ping the customers with your mail at 2 a.m. until and unless you are marketing sleeping aids. It is always good to bother your potential customers at the time when the chances to succeed are more.
A good marketer knows how important it is to market at the right time. In fact, it is one of the best email marketing strategies that can work wonders for your business. However, there is no particular time but this data can be helpful.

  • Around 6 a.m. open rates are quite high, makes it the best time to send emails.
  • After 7 p.m. till 10 p.m. people respond well to the mails.
  • Try to avoid work timings and weekends, often Mondays are a bad option too.

Automate email marketing is the latest trend:

Obviously, if it is trendy more and more users are going to believe and share your products and services. The latest trend in 2018 email marketing includes automating your email campaigns as much as you can.
Trigger-based email is sent to the users on the basis of their behavior. For example, whenever you sign in a website you receive a welcome mail. It is actually the most common example of automated emails. These emails definitely work better than traditional mails.

  • Trigger-based emails work 49% better than traditional mails.
  • The CTR (Click through Rate) of trigger-based mails is better.
  • It generated four times more revenue than other emails.

Use A/B testing:

The simple 3-way method is to test, analyze and repeat. This sounds so easy and as a successful marketer,    you shall focus on the three tactics without any hassle. This way you are testing the subject line as well as the other lines. This way you know what is working for your business and what is a mere waste of time.

Final Words:

Email marketing has and will continue to work best for the marketers as long as the internet is there. However, running a successful marketing campaign is what makes you a good marketer. Email marketing practices have changed over the years. They have become more précised but targeting. However, the main idea is still the same to attract more and more customers.

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