5 Effective Techniques to Market Your App through Social Media Sites

Searching through mobile internets and on-demand apps are developing day to day and the everyday tasks are so dependent on the mobile apps to get finished. The ramp-up in the mobile time spending has endorsed brand new innovations which led to the integration of creative concepts in the application developments. With the open source mobile operating system (Android), various types of apps are launching in several domains such as business, entertainment, and education etc.

At present all the apps have a simple validation process and it is a smooth process to integrate with various components. Android app developers completely realized the user perspective and technological trends are altering every day because of the wide range of smartphone users across the world. For current scenario, social networking app is the development of the mobile app sector and multiple state of the art trends are used in a comprehensive way such as Accelerated mobile pages, Artificial intelligence, AR and VR, cloud technologies etc.

State Of The Art Features in Mobile App Development:

The accelerated mobile page is from Google and its objective is to faster the loading of mobile web pages using limited tags, streamlined CSS and other components. The prominence of Virtual reality and augmented reality has boomed in the last decade and it is transforming the entertainment and gaming industries.

Current apps are developed with AI features which deliver users a great comfort in the use of every element of the app and using AI has good outcomes such as accurate results and it eases tasks to a minimal amount of time. This is the reason behind why AI integrated apps are widely chosen one in the industries, financial calculations, and other technical works. By the access to cloud computing, mobile apps are getting an easy approach to store its data without any unnecessary hassles. Most of the apps are using cloud-based services such as Dropbox, OneDrive etc with a simple user interface.

Marketing your own app:

To market your mobile apps for the audience, different mediums are available to get a great reach among the customers. Among them, Social media is one of the prominent options to brand your mobile app. It is no need to pip 5 million available apps in the store, the main objective and questions are whether your app is capable of satisfying the customer needs or not. Out of the million available apps, only a few percentages of apps are downloaded and in that downloaded list also only 20% of apps are getting frequent usage by the customer after installation. So, fortunately, social media is a great gateway to make a market entry for your app and gain attention from the audience. There are certain ways and techniques to penetrate your app with the right strategies.

1. Rich content and video advertising:

Moreover than marketing the app, quality content is a must needed one to get a reach among the audience for a mobile app. An inefficient app with high marketing inputs is absolutely idle. So the app should be rich with great content and services that should revolve around the customers to solve their needs. After developing the right app, it is the best option to create enthralling videos about the app. Most of the people in the social media are now engaged highly towards the short video contents only, thus it is always an excellent way to present your app entry with cool videos that should explain a lot about your outcomes of the app. Fun and quirky videos have a high chance to get accolades among the viewers.

2. Analyzing the multiple users:

To get dive into social media marketing adventure, it is a must thing to do some research and analysis works about the viewers. There are multiple social media platforms, so it is not mandatory to follow only one platform to engage your marketing.

Some key elements such as clarity in messaging, find out the target audience, other competitors, social initiators, language, budget, launching time of the app etc. like factors should be well versed. After researching enough media information, the right strategy for mobile app marketing should be developed, and this way of approach has high chances to reach numerous numbers of audiences.

3. Try out paid on social media:

From various surveys, it is listed out that above 40% mobile app downloading genesis came from the social media sites only. Thus to get great visibility and organic reach, paid ads are the very good choice to boost your audience. By concerning the budget, you can do these paid ads, but surely this can bring out better outcomes.

4. Engaging with influencer marketing:

With the right selection of influencers for your marketing, you can increase the presence of the app among the customers. Twitter reports are showing that around 40% of the users are driven by the recommendations of influencers only. All the influencers and micro influencers are very well aware and have knowledge about how to stimulate the audience to download the required apps.

5. Promote your reviews and rating:

Reviews and ratings are always prominent facts that are primarily focused by the users to download or buy something. With valuable social proof, they are always ready to engage with the service. In the beta testing of the app itself, record your app good reviews and publish those ratings through the social media during the launch of the app. It will generate a high visitor rate to the app downloads.

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